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The Rialto

We had the opportunity to rehearse in the theatre on this day and to take some great publicity photos (Below). Our rehearsal was extremely productive, we did a good hour or so of character work mainly consisting of hot-seating and open discussion about each character and their relationships to each other, as well as expanding on the family situations of the characers. We realised they were all written as only-children (Probably as I was basically an only child myself, I never considered this!) so worked on their backstories to give them a little more variety in this respect.

We actually filmed the hot-seating and captured some really hilarious moments, so we want to edit this together in to part of a little promo video for the show. Look out for that soon.

During a dramaturgy session that week, it was brought to our attention that, as an idea to progress the action and establish the characters in a more effective way early on, it would be better for the script to begin with scene 3 rather than 1. After blocking scenes 1,2,3,& 5 this rehearsal we discusses the possibilty of moving the scene order with the cast and have untimately decided to rework the play in this way.

A very exciting new development in our creative process, but I think it may be a challenge to keep everything cohesive with the new scene order. We shall see!

Also, TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE for our show, so go check us out here.

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