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The Girls

This week I worked with just the female characters; Ellie (Elouise Warboys) and Sky (Olivia Sewell).  Over the evening we really took our time to have some great discussions about the characters and the play overall and caught up on the goings-on of the last few weeks. I feel our actors have gained a really good sense and understanding of their characters and I’m really pleased with the way they are coming across in rehearsal we just need to work on a few small changes to voice and play with mannerisms and posture, which I think we will do next rehearsal.

We worked on just two scenes on Monday and this rehearsal completely changed my opinion on both of them. I had been worrying, as writers and creatives do, that this scene I had previously assumed to be funny and interesting was in fact dull and boring and where I thought it had advanced the plot, it in fact stagnated it. How wrong I was! Olivia and Elouise brought the scenes to life in such a skillful and humorous way that it not only reassured me about the quality of the writing but brought out whole new laughs I wasn’t even aware of previously. It was so great to be able to spend so much time on just two scenes and it also gave me a push in the right direction to decide on the ending of the play, which we are still working on as a team.

I’m extremely excited for the next rehearsal where I will get to see in full everything that was worked on over the last few weeks without me and we will hopefully try and run the first part of the play. Just seven and a half weeks to go!


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