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Little Details

So it’s about five weeks until our show and we are moving up to two rehearsals a week, one being a full rehearsal with all the cast and the second for usually just two of our actors to work on crucial scenes. We have been exploring the relationship this week between our romantic protagonists and it has been wonderful to really be able to take the time to go over these scenes with a fine-toothed comb and play with the tiny details and subtle nuances between these characters.

With a play such as this, the foundation of which is built on totally believing in the intimate and truthful friendship between our four protagonists, it’s extremely important to build in all of those looks, reactions, mannerisms and little moments which bring richness and texture to a play which is basically just 2-4 people standing in a room talking (although, a huge amount of plays boil down to exactly this, upon reflection!). Working with four actors with strong improv backgrounds has been not only immensely enjoyable personally but it means that we have been able to play around with the script and create new moments of comedy every time we run the scenes. Some of my favorite jokes in the play are ones that we happened upon by accident in the rehearsal process and now steal the scene in the best possible way. This show is really shaping up to be something special, definitely not one to miss!

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