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The Crunch – 10 Days to Go!

So, here we are, The Crunch!  Something in the last three rehearsals really clicked and the show it better than I have ever seen it. Now we are running through smoothly it has been a real pleasure to go back through the show and add in little details, nuances and jokes to really make this little world come alive. Every rehearsal we discover more things to add and more funny moments, it’s a really positive creative experience.

An aspect which I have tried to focus on since the beginning is the sense of intimacy and friendship between the characters and this has really come into its own the last few run-throughs. The chemistry between the will-they-won’t-they love interests is really lovely to watch and has lead to them devising and extending one of the scenes, which I think might be a show-stealer! This production is particularly special because it has been created using scripted work, devised work and improvisation all working together to make a really lively, interesting and multi-faceted show of which I am extremely proud and it is really starting to show. Just ten days to go!

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