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The Show!

So all our hard work has paid off and it was better than we could have hoped for. We had four performances (including the Press Night) and it was a fantastic creative experience.
The press night was probably the most tricky for the actors as we only had a small audience but after some creative seating arrangements, we were able to fill out the space and create a great atmosphere. I think that when you produce a show, even one you know is good with a talented cast, there is still that wonderful moment of relief when you hear the audience laugh/cry/gasp for the first time. It’s only then that you know your show has hit its mark and this one most certainly did!
We had good audience numbers for the duration with about 70% sold on the first night and the atmosphere was brilliant; the actors were pulling out new inflexions, expressions and ad-libbed lines which got the biggest laughs in the show (this continued to be the trend throughout our run!). We suffered from the typical ‘Second Night Curse’ with a smaller audience and a drop in energy, but the audience still loved the show. We had a large number of students in the house on special tickets for a Q&A after the show and they more than made up for the smaller audience with their enthusiastic reception.

Typically the last night was full of energy (As well as a full house!) and it was by far the best I have ever seen the show. The audience were in-near constant laughter and I continued to be surprised by the fantastic skill and hilarious new twists that my actors brought to the show – it was superb! We received a standing ovation and heaps of praise from the audience as well as two glowing reviews that you can read here and here, Next stop – The Fringe!


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