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About Us

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The Producers

Covert Accomplice is a Brighton-based theatre company started by Chance Dini & Daniel Stevens in 2017, two people with a love of theatre and too much time on their hands.

Daniel has been involved in theatre for close to a decade and was kept busy in the formative years of his career with New Venture Theatre and Karavan Ensemble, and more recently with Something Underground Theatre Company
He started off with board operating and soon moved into design for both sound and lighting, and later took up performance photography, as well as co-producing several shows.
He also runs 3phase events, a theatre tech company.

Chance is originally from Glastonbury, Somerset, a bizarre little town full of people who come for the festival and never leave (true story), which is a great source of material and influence in her work. She once escaped Glastonbury to study Creative Producing at South Bank University, subsequently working in and producing shows with Camden Fringe and Tara Arts. Chance now resides in Brighton with her pet hamster, Velvetine and pet boyfriend, Cameron, in what she is repeatedly assured is a ‘very reasonably priced’ rental. Her show with Covert AccompliceHalf Baked is her first foray into script-writing.

Our Aims

1) To create inclusive and engaging work with a diverse cast and crew.

2) To bring theatre to those who would not otherwise have access to it.

3) To cast actors in to roles they would not previously have been considered
for due to industry conventions and outdated ideas.

4) To produce shows which seek to change opinions about marginalised
groups of people, normalise rather than stigmatise them

5) To nurture the creativity of those we work with to make our work the
very best and most authentic that it can be.