Covert Accomplice Productions

Half Baked

Four party-animal best friends have found themselves stagnating in their small town after graduating from university.  Frankie and Tweak are two layabouts whose life plans don’t extend further than their search for the next beer or packet of crisps. Frankie’s extroversion and lackadaisical attitude seem to have no bounds, but Tweak is starting to feel like he wants to do more with his life. Sky is vivacious, funny and on-the-ball (Most of the time). She’s got plans to travel the world and find herself (and maybe a party) and wants Frankie to come, but even getting him to go to the corner shop is impossible. Meanwhile, flippant and deadpan Elliehas failed university four times, very intelligent, but cushioned by her wealthy family and totally unable to decide what to do with her life. However, after a couple of secrets, a hasty purchase and an ill-advised shag (Not necessarily in that order) the very close group may not ever be the same again… although perhaps that’s for the best.


“A play about booze, rizlas, and getting your shit together.”

Ever felt like you’re going nowhere?
Worrying if you took the right degree?
Disillusioned with your life?
Need a beer?

If the answer is YES to any of these questions, we have the show for you!

This is Covert Accomplice‘s  inaugural production of Half Baked, a show about four millennials coping with their own post-recession, post-university slump in a small town.
Using scripted work, devised work, four talented improv actors, snappy, engaging dialogue and in-depth character work to create a hilarious and engaging show  that everyone can relate to.

 * * * * *


17th-19th October 2017
The Rialto Theatre
11 Dyke Road, Brighton

Tickets £9.50 (£7.50 Students)


Producers Daniel Stevens & Chance Dini

Written and Directed by Chance Dini


Ellie – Elouise Warboys
Frankie – Sam Razvi
Sky – Olivia Sewell
Tweak – Louis Heriz-Smith